August 2018 Loot Crate Mayhem Unboxing & Review

My confidence in Loot Crate is restored with this month’s Mayhem box. It was filled with some nice goodies and actually arrived on time for once.

 Office Space T-Shirt

OK, let me just say that the shirt included with this box is friggin’ awesome. The printer murder scene in Office Space may be my favorite movie scene of all time. This t-shirt commemorates that scene perfectly, complete with a broken printer displaying “PC LOAD LETTER” scattered among T.P.S. reports and of course, the red stapler.

Rick & Morty Monster Figure

This figure captures Morty as we all know him. As a complete spaz. This figure feels heavy and quality made, but I just know one day I will accidentally break the pegs on the bottom of Morty’s legs, or break his legs altogether.¬† I’ll enjoy it while it’s in one piece though.

Harley Quinn Journal

I enjoy Harley Quinn, but a journal? Not so much. When I subscribe to a box, I want more than paper. This item is not collectible, or notable.

DC Comics Justice League Phone Grip

Here we go! A functional item. I received the Batman version. This item also comes in a Superman or Wonder Woman version. There’s not much more I can say about this item. It’s a friggin’ phone grip. I will probably use this item though.

Courage the Cowardly Dog Pin

I really appreciate when a loot box throws in an obscure item. I don’t think I have seen an item featuring Courage the Cowardly Dog in 20 years. That’s what makes this an aweome pin. Only a few people who know about this cartoon series will appreciate it.


All in all, a good box as far as items and licenses chosen. Is this box worth $20 a month? I’m not sure. But here we have some very unique items, and how can you not appreciate the exclusive figure and shirt. I’m continuing my subscription.

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