GeekFuel February 2018 Unboxing Spoilers

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to unbox the February 2018 GeekFuel mystery box. I renewed my subscription in late February and was surprised they sent me one. It was one of my favorite mystery boxes I’ve received.

First, the shirt was amazing. A nice throwback to Castlevania. This shirt looks just like the NES box art. Possibly my favorite shirt I’ve received in any mystery box.

Next up were these awesome ninja star magnets. I’ve never seen these before. This box gets bonus points for unique items.

This Black Panther print makes an excellent addition to my cubicle wall.

I’m not familiar with this Ratz game included in this box. But it looks a lot like the old Quake arena shooter games. I will definitely be trying it out.

Lastly, the GeekFuel pin. GeekFuel changed up their pins with the February box. They are no longer the creepy looking figures on tanks that resemble the GeekFuel logo. This Big Trouble in Little China pin looks pretty sweet. I look forward to more of these pins.

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