Items from GeekFuel 2nd Quarter 2018 Box

GeekFuel EXP June (Q2) 2018 Unboxing

GeekFuel switched from a monthly to quarterly service. Will the bigger, more expensive box be worth it? We open the very first GeekFuel EXP and find out.

Bob’s Burgers Apron

Well, Morgan stole this one quickly. An apron featuring the Bob’s Burgers family, with Bob and our favorite, Louise front and center.

GeekFuel Bobs Burgers Apron

Deadpool Shirt

A GeekFuel exclusive Deadpool shirt, in the style of the Brady Bunch opening. Deadpool is so hot right now, and every box seems to have a Deadpool shirt. This one is rather excellent though, and I personally can’t get enough Deadpool stuff.

GeekFuel Deadpool Shirt

Game of Thrones Figure

We got the Whitewalker boss guy. It glows in the dark!

GeekFuel Game of Thrones Whitewalker Figure

Star Wars Lego “Chronicles of the Force” Book

I’m not too excited about Star Wars stuff right now, but this book is pretty neat for sitting on a shelf somewhere in my office. The exclusive Lego minifigure is a nice touch.

GeekFuel Lego Star Wars Book

TMNT-Like Pizza Cutter

I’ve already had several people express that they want this pizza cutter looks like Raphael’s Sai in TMNT. The wife took it and I may never see it again.

GeekFuel Pizza Cutter

Planet of the Apes Pins

Looks like we get 2 pins and a button now since GeekFuel has gone quarterly. I would like these if I ever liked anything Planet of the Apes.

GeekFuel Planet of the Apes Pins

Wolverine Comic Print

Really friggin cool! A Wolverine comic print featuring issue #1. This is going right on the wall in front of my desk.

GeekFuel Wolverine Print

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