Want to Be Useful? Learn Automation

Why are you useful to your organization? Can you answer that question in a unique way that sets you apart from your co-workers? Nothing enables you to prove yourself as useful more than learning automation.

When I am being interviewed for an IT position, I love nothing more than getting the question “Why should I hire you?”. I always have a powerful answer. I say “Because I can automate things!” It’s a skill that many other IT admins can’t say they have. And surprisingly, some admins who do know automation don’t highlight it as a key skill.

IT is always an expense in an organization. Unless you’re working for a contracting agency or Geek Squad, any money spent on IT is a dollar lost. This is often why IT employees are the first to go when it comes time for layoffs.

Being able to say “I save the company money through automation!” sets you apart as a key employee that most organizations can’t live without.

If you haven’t already, learn PowerShell, Bash Scripting, or anything that will help you save time and money by performing tasks quicker than anybody else can.


  • I created a script that will automatically create an Active Directory account, Exchange Mailbox, and assign all proper software licenses for new hires.
  • Phone technicians would have to craft an email with a string of characters that included the date, invoice number, and claim number to pull items from archive. I wrote an applications that allows the tech to fill out a simple form. This saved an average of 3 minutes of time each time my application was used instead of the email method.
  • I created a website where Human Resources could fill out all of the information needed for new hires and terminations necessary to process changes to the employee’s accounts.

Be a person who can automate things like this and you will be thought of as a hero and never be without a job. You’ll also never be in line for layoffs because you save the company money.

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