Loot Crate June 2018 Colossal Spoilers

The Loot Crate for June 2018 (Colossal) was entertaining, but left me thinking that perhaps it wasn’t worth what I pay. What do you think? Let’s have a look at what we got.

The Incredible Hulk 3D Print

Not many people like prints. I love them! I like having anything I can hang at my cubicle. This one takes your typical print and ups it quite a bit. This one changes from Hulk to Bruce Banner. Really neat!

Jurrasic Park Pin

It’s interesting how they went with classic Jurassic Park items instead of Jurassic World. As a fan of the old movies, I enjoyed this pin.

Ghostbusters Bag

My wife claimed this as our new diaper bag. So you can look like you’re about to battle ghosts while ensuring your little one has enough diapers… I guess. It’s nice to have a different type of item than your typical figure, print, and shirt.

Godzilla Plush

This plush looks more like Barney than it does the feared Japanese creature Godzilla. It’s not every day you see a blue Godzilla plush toy. So this item is nice. Though I’m not sure what I would do with it. My child has already found uses for it though.

Jurassic Park Shirt

Another Jurassic Park item. This shirt is pretty sweet. Especially the part that features a shirtless Dr. Ian Malcolm. My wife stole it and actually told me that I wasn’t allowed to wear it at all.

This month’s Loot Crate was pretty decent, but it seems pretty low value. There were no exclusive items that stuck out and made me glad to have this box. Very average, but tolerable.

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