April 2018 Artifacts Lootcrate LOTR Frodo

Lootcrate April 2018 Artifacts Unboxing & Spoilers

I didn’t think that a Lootcrate themed “Artifacts” would impress me much. But this was the best crate in a long time. I’m totally blown away by the Froto figure and Zelda map alone.


The Dark Crystal Postcards

I have to admit that I don’t know what these are. I never watched The Dark Crystal. But my wife Morgan was blown away by them. Seems like a very unique and unexpected thing for a LootCrate box, which makes them great. Morgan plans to send these to surprise her Dark Crystal friends.

The Dark Crystal Cards

The Legend of Zelda Map

I may never get work done again with this hanging at my desk. I find myself lost in all of the intricacies of this map of Hyrule printing on what feels almost like onion paper. What an excellent print!

Thanos Shirt

Avengers: Infinity War will no doubt be the hit of Summer 2018, so this is an excellent shirt of Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet complete with all the infinity gems. I like the unique illustration which falls somewhere in between the comic and live-action movie.

LootCrate April 2018 Thanos Shirt

Lord of the Rings Frodo Figure

Yet another great item. I love this detailed figure of Frodo from LOTR, complete with ring around his neck.

Artifacts LootPin

The LootCrate pins seem to be getting better. This one shines and looks to be made of real metal.

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