Mario Marathon and Child’s Play Charity

I was sick a lot as a kid. My asthma caused me to spend many days laying in a hospital room struggling to breathe. Looking back to those days, I feel incredibly thankful for the toys I had during the times I was sick. Toys were the only thing that would help me forget that I was sick.

I remember video games being especially great to play in times of illness. That’s why when I discovered Mario Marathon and what they were doing to raise money for the Child’s Play Charity, I just had to give a portion of my paycheck to them.

Child’s Play is a charity that rasies money for toys and games for sick children whose parents may not have the means to afford them.

It will be the 10th anniversary for Mario Marathon this year. You can watch hours of gamers playing almost every Mario game imaginable on TwitchTV. Please join in and drop a few bucks in if you can to help a good cause.

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