“My Employer Won’t Train Me!”

If you’re in IT for an organization, there is usually an expectation that there will be some type of formal training provided to help the employee build the skills they need to forward their career. It’s very important for an organization to do this so the employee feels the organization is truly vested in their personal growth.

Over the years, I have seen many IT folks protest how their organization hasn’t provided them the training they desire. There seems to be a strong disconnect with how that training is provided though. 

I recently worked with a group of millennials who would complain about this daily during their lunch break. They declared their job sucked because there was no growth in their skill set. One day, I asked them “Well, what training have you asked for?”. They all just sat there with blank faces, unable to answer. They knew where I was going with the question. They never simply tried asking for the training they wanted. They expected their manager to just magically decide what training they need, sign them up, and send them off.

Strange how the same company they were complaining about used to regularly send me to IT conferences and bought online courses for me. All I had to do was ask. I can honestly say that in 20 years, I have never been turned down whenever I have asked my employer for training.

Do you feel like your employer isn’t training you enough? Ask! Shoot an email to your manager asking for a Lynda account. Ask them to buy a ticket to that big IT symposium.

Of course, you have to keep the requests fair and applicable to your job. They’re not going to send you to a $5,000 Linux class if there are no Linux systems in the environment.

If your company doesn’t have a budget for IT training, ask to be sent to many of the free conferences companies like Microsoft provides. You could also just ask for time during your shift to explore free training resources available on the Internet.

I do realize there are rare cases where employers just will not send any of their staff to classes. This is an unfortunate case, and if you’re looking to grow your IT skill set, you need to either pay for the training yourself, or find another company who will. But if you want any chance at your organization providing training, you have to let them know the specific class you would like to attend and specifically ask for the money and time for it.

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