What’s in the Q3 August 2018 Geek Fuel Box?

Geek Fuel has been my favorite mystery box since Nerd Block went under. I didn’t think it could keep its steam when it went to a quarterly plan. But the first quarterly box was way better than I expected. How is the August 2018 box though? Let’s check it out.

Deadpool Unicorn Selfie Figure

This may be my all time favorite figure. I mean, Deadpool taking a selfie with unicorns? Can it get better? I submit that it cannot! And yes, I unboxed it so I can fully enjoy it sitting on a shelf in front of my desk at all times.

Spiderman Canvas Print

I’m sensing that the folks at Geek Fuel are keeping the items consistent in each box. A comic canvas was in this box as well as the last. I love these things and will hang every one they send me. You can never have enough geeky stuff to hang on the wall!

Mario Bros. Themed Salt & Pepper Shakers

In keeping with the theme of at least one kitchen item in a box, this month doesn’t disappoint. I’m not sure I will actually use these as salt and pepper shakers, but they will sit on my stove as a nice decoration.

Predator Bobble Head

I have to say that I don’t really care much for the Predator franchise. I probably will not see the new movie. But this bobble head is friggin’s sweet. I love that they are a Geek Fuel exclusive and they made some limited glow in the dark figures. Keep ’em coming!

Rick & Morty Air Freshener

Um, it’s an air freshener. I might get excited about it more if it didn’t make me sneeze so much. I’m not sure what I can do with it. I love anything with Rick & Morty on it, but I might have to give this thing away.

Epistory Video Game

It looks like Geek Fuel didn’t abandon the downloadable games after all after last month was absent of one. I never end up playing the games they send, but for some reason, I at least enjoy having the games added to my Steam library.

Space Invaders Socks

Anybody who has a geeky mystery box already has enough socks, but the design on these is really sweet! I just wish they would start sending socks other than dress socks. Make us some comfy socks for around the house or some gym socks.

Ant Man Shirt

Another franchise I have to admit I don’t like. But i like what they did here with the throwback style, topped off with the “Actual size” figure on the sleeve. A nice shirt, but the print is made of plastic and will stick to your chest when you sweat. I still like this shirt though.


In all, this box was very satisfying. I looooove the Predator bobble and I hope the rumors are true that Geek Fuel will have an exclusive bobble figure in every box going forward. The kitchen and household items them put in these boxes really sets itself apart from the other geeky mystery boxes.

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